Tragic Loss of an Infamous Volunteer, Companion & Friend

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Friends, Family, Loved ones, Acquaintances and Associates all across Alberta & Canada will be forced to say good-bye to Stoney Schneidmiller a genuine soul that has made huge impact and touched many lives.  Stoney was a major volunteer for the Ride Dogs Ride Foundation from 2013 – 2015, and was also well known for being a helping hand to anyone in need.

The Ride Dogs Ride Motorcycle Games are always one of the most exciting and laughable event features each year at their Annual Poker Run & Family Camp Out Weekend August Long.

Stoney Schneidmiller and friends were a huge (often main) attraction to motorcycle enthusiasts’, guests and participants from all over Alberta.

Stoney would always keep the crowd laughing and often left contestants in tears with his loveable bantering commentary.  Drawing a crowd to a fundraiser is one thing, but keeping them entertained with unforgettable memories is another, Stoney accomplished that with pride year after year.

After witnessing the Motorcycle games myself in 2014 it was clear that Stoney was infamous for combining family fun, hellacious humor and positive competition into an engaging fun filled affair.

Posters can be seen all over Central Alberta Boasting of our Motorcycle Games hosted by The Infamous Stoney & Friends because “Infamous” was the best way to describe the games and Stoney’s team.

There is more to hosting motorcycle games than just being a good MC, it take a welcoming and genuine personality to pull off the organizing, coordination and the biggest job of all – turning guests into participants.  Stoney was great at it, even if you didn’t own a motorcycle.  He was able to rope Colleen Ballard of the Funny Farm into partaking with her John Deer Tractor and the crowd absolutely loved it!

Every year after the games were over, he always thanked the crowd and his team for being a part of the amazing event feature and never once did you hear Stoney talking about the work involved, only the fun he had.  Stoney was a true volunteer that will be deeply missed by the Ride Dogs Ride Team & Guests.

Aside from the annual motorcycle games, Stoney was a gentle soul whom would welcome anyone on his path into his life as a friend.  Anyone who met him for the first time would say “It was like I had already known him my whole life, he was like a brother or longtime friend, someone you knew you could just trust.”

Stoney had a strong voice and soft heart, definitely rare to find in the busy world we live in, although he may beg to differ because we see the world how we chose to and anyone who knew Stoney would say he only saw the good in us all.

R.I.P Stoney Schneidmiller, Thank you for sharing your boisterous & compassionate soul, one too powerful to ever be forgotten and the impact you have had will live on forever with in us all.

My heart goes out to the loved ones, family, friends and anyone that knew Stoney whom will be deeply affected by this tragedy.

Here’s To You Stoney, Till We Meet Again!

Tribute Video For Our Infamous Stoney

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Our Infamous Stoney
Motorcyle Games Hosted at the Ride Dogs Ride Foundation Annual Fundraiser 2014 / 2015