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Winds, Fires & Havoc For Carseland October 17th – 2017

It was a horrific night for many in Carseland Alberta.

High wind gusts reached up to 70 klm/hour yesterday afternoon and had residents on edge.  Around 4 pm I saw some smoke coming from the Siksika area and many residents were concerned for the Safety of Siksika residents.

Wheatland County Fire oct 17 2017

By 5:15 pm the intensity of emergency escalated as a Train sparked new fires along the tracks from Agrium through Carseland and on the west side towards Gliechen.

Wheatland Fire oct 17 2017

Many residents chose to evacuate on their own, I received a call around 6 pm where another local resident was asked to evacuate until all fires were contained.  Facebook was filled with pictures and posts claiming they had been able to leave and were in safe company.

Around 7 we heard the news that one of our local Carselander’s had not only lost their entire home, but all of their livestock, most of their precious pets and all of us are praying for their peace and recovery as a family.  We are a close community and this type of tragedy brings out the deep empathy we have for one another.

One pet is recovering in veterinarian care and Carseland is looking at ways they can offer their help with out overwhelming the family.  Please if you can, donate, share the Go-Fund me page created to help this family find a way to survive and heal.


Lots of thanks are given all over social media to local residents, workers in town, business owners, farmers and to the men who tried to chase the train causing some of the fires.  The fields were filled with tractors,  the ditches loaded with people trying to help until authorities could get on site.  Bravery was an understatement!

On my way out of Carseland we saw 2 fires behind us and 2 in our path, as we turned towards range road 222 – 2 men bounced there truck into the nearby field and immediately went into action putting out a 4th fire.

When we did make it to our safety zone at the Funny Farm, we could see fire after fire start and then die out from tireless efforts of emergency crews but soon the big concern was the glowing fire seen along the tracks by our local Fuel storage and fertilizer plant. Which took well over 1.5 hours to put out.

The train was not the only issue as wind knocked down a power pole causing a fire as well.  We are all tired today and some of us are at a loss from this tragedy, My heart goes out to everyone here and in our surrounding County Communities.

Big Thank You to all our Emergency Respondent’s, Farmers, Residents and to those willing to offer up space for evacuee’s and their pets or live stock.  Everyone stood together strong, tried not to invoke fear by staying calm and clear in communication and now together we will help our friends rebuild.

All my love to everyone,