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Carseland Open Forum October 11th 2017

Open Candidate Forum October 11th 2017 – 7pm

Candidates were given an opportunity to share their story & aspirations for Carseland.  Each candidate had a long history with Carseland and carried a genuine love for the community in every word they spoke.

I think I can speak for the public and say, “WE ALL THANK YOU!”  Huge Thank you to all candidates for stepping up to fight for our beautiful community.  I feel that each of the new, returning & seasoned candidates all have a deep warm heart for Carseland and would be great representatives.

Donna Biggar spoke first and showcased excellent organizational skills through the multiple community and business projects she has seen to the end successfully.  Donna has raised a family here and volunteered as junior coach even after her children didn’t participate.  Donna also has experience working for Wheatland County, learning how it operates and gaining knowledge that would be a great asset as a councillor for Carseland.

Some of the issues residents shared with Donna were the massive water & sewer cost increase & property taxes.  This seemed to also be a concern expressed by all other candidates as well.

Donna discussed some tax incentive ideas for local business owners and would like to analyse the tax allocation and ensure we are not being undervalued.

Cody Maclean was next and presented his story with a comfortably open honest energy.    He also has a vast amount of education & experience which would be a strong asset as a councillor for our area.  Cody’s family and community first values were prominent through out his speech and motives, before attempting to run for councillor Cody was sure to explain the work involved to his family and ensure they were all on board with the decision as a team.

In all of Cody’s statements it was very clear that he does not plan to step into the position lightly.  He explained how his experience and skills have taught him to be part of the solution and not the problem.  Many people have spoke to Cody about the current issues in our community and he would like to consider issues with an open mind to find solutions that work for everyone.

In closing Cody gave an impression that he would like all of us to be part of his team to grow our community together.

Angela Cinq-Mars was a powerhouse during her speech and gave a strong sense of advocacy for us all.  She was very comfortable at the podium and had a clear concise message that we should “fight the good fight” and all residents and tax payers are equally important to our community’s success.

Angela’s education and experience is a huge resource that voters should consider prior to their decision.  Political Science, Engineering Technology and Law & Society.  Angela has many ideas for our future and displays a good sense of the strategies needed to encourage the growth we seek.

Approachability and good social manner is also important, Angela has fit well in many situations and appreciates comments from anyone looking to understand the operations of our community.

Don Vandervelde once again had us laughing and easily expressed his experience and knowledge on a level which revealed there may be more issues at hand than we are currently aware of.

The Calgary Municipal Plan is one of the main challenges our county and community are facing right now.  This is a program from Calgary that will have the final say on any development for the next forty years, sadly the surrounding counties were forced to join under this new mandate.  I strongly encourage community members to read and learn about this problem we will now all face in some way.

Don also expressed deep concern surrounding the environmental condition of our beautiful Bow River.  He had attempted to implement a project for the Bow River but was denied.  Environment is a driving force in the Alberta Government and Don wants to find ways encourage vital care for the environment while continuing to advocate farmers that pay l on land to farm but are restricted by wetland issues.

Don has auctioned and volunteered in the community for 15 years and enjoys the fun in being a leader for our community needs.

Wayne Shapka gave a passionate speech describing the commitments he has put in for over 20 years inside our community.  He has volunteered as a board member with our Carseland & District Community Association & Agricultural Society, as well as the Carseland Lions Club.  Positions Wayne has held went from director at large to, secretary and treasurer.

Wayne has been a deeply engaged community member for so long that when the idea was raised to become an official for what he already loves to do “Serve the Community”, he did not take it lightly.  Wayne investigated, researched, attended meetings, spoke with current councillors inside and outside our community.  If given the opportunity to advocate for our community and all its members, Wayne stated his main driving force will be “Good Customer Service”.  This will mean, building relationships to better Carseland development, being available anytime to listen to concerns and finding resolutions to challenges with out creating future hurdles.  He has a very big picture attitude towards serving our needs.

Concerns addressed to Wayne were the communication level between the County and our Community.  Senior care facilities, crime rates, town beatification and fund allocation as we have a large industrial corridor and there is a concern that a fair amount of tax funds are not being allocated back into the community.

Thank you all for reading, I am very excited to see who will be taking the torch for the next 4 years and I wish all candidates the best of luck.  Thank you for standing up for our community, caring about our needs and preparing to put our community first.  There is a lot of work involved and the entire Carseland Community appreciates your commitment.


Jennifer Wiebe