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We are back!

Hello everyone!

It has been an interesting September?  We have had to take all our database’s down and start fresh!

I would like to clarify that our “free” information is intended for those that would otherwise not afford to develop a website or small business start up, it’s fully for the underdogs!

Recently we have seen some new website developers in our area and we would like to remind our viewers that our information is for self developers and not re-sellers as there is so many different rules and security measures to keep business owners safe.

We have explained to our entrepreneur’s the difference in the many free services out there and educated them to make safe decisions.  By signing up with the wrong service provider you are always at risk for sharing ownership of your website and business name so be very aware and ask lots of questions ! always read the fine print yourself !

I will now only share information via email, phone or in person as I need to be sure our advice is better targeted to your needs, because protecting the security and ownership of your business is our main concern.

Thanks for reading

Jennifer Wiebe

Founding Director

Choice Environment.com

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