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Sophie’s Liquor Damaged for very small theft


Big damage for a small theft

Last night at approximately 3:30 am a stolen truck crashed through the front window of Sophie’s Liquor Store on Main Street in Carseland, Alberta.

Store owner arrived on scene at 5am followed by local police officials, which may have been on scene prior to 5 am.  It was discovered that only 10 bottles of Smirnoff vodka had been taken yet the damages reached over $10 000. 

A local resident immediately noticed the missing vehicle at 5 am before he left for work.  When he headed towards Main Street and saw the debris it was apparent what had happened.  The vehicle was not in good running condition and as expected by the resident it was found broke down on highway #901 heading east of Carseland.

Some residents I spoke with mentioned the Carseland COP program, Citizens On Patrol. “It may have not necessarily prevented but possibly deterred this event.”  – Local resident.  Citizens On Patrol recently ended due to lack of volunteer participation.

One local resident expressed anger and frustration at the amount of incidents which have occurred with in our community and the lack of convictions.“It’s like they do not care about our town, they never seem to look deep into these crimes out here and no one ever gets caught.” – Local resident Amanda

Once again this has stirred up resident concern and many have stated they wish we could have an RCMP official in town.

“We are just too far out, luckily no one was hurt, but sometimes the store owners arrive before the police and when an owner can potentially be on scene while thieves are still there, it can be very scary and that has already happened before.” – Local resident.

There is an amazing amount of work created for so many people when incidents like this happen.  Thieves left a trail of debris up to and down the highway #901 which someone will be cleaning up.  Clean up crews were called in and worked very hard to remove broken glass and unsafe objects out of the way for customers using the mall business’.   Police officials have a ton of paperwork and investigating but all for what….10 bottles of 26 once Smirnoff Vodka?

It will become an expense to many, but in Carseland residents tend to come together and support each other in any way they can.  I heard “Is there anything I can do” from many people passing by. 

Unfortunately we cannot just jump in and start fixing because it is important to let the insurance company handle their job in this, but it leaves me myself wondering how much money can be saved in the big picture of Wheatland County if an RCMP official was located and policing from within town? Would that prevent some of these time consuming and very senseless crimes?

There is always more to the reasons than I can understand, but when people start to question how things are operated, that is when we begin to find understanding, answers and solutions.

The best way to make a change is to offer help.

If you have any information regarding this issue please contact Strathmore RCMP.

Jennifer Wiebe

Carseland Resident