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Ride Dogs Ride is Coming to Carseland Alberta!

It has been a rough year for business which in turn affects the cost of living for Carseland residents.  We are missing the campgrounds, the ice cream store and the #547 which used to be a great connecting highway for Gliechen, Mossliegh and Carseland.

The Ride Dogs Ride had been looking for a new location for their Calgary Humane Society Fundraiser with a willingness to assist local landowners in rebuilding after the tragic floods of June 2013.

Carseland is a wonderful place usually swamped with campers in the summer and snowmobilers in the winter.  We are very active out here and loosing most of our recreational spots made for a long hard winter but Carselander’s are tough and we always pull through.

Carseland & District Community Association & Agricultural Society along with our wonderful Carseland Lion’s Club both expressed interest and excitement towards this event coming to town and now it has been set!

Save the Date! August 1st – 4th 2013 tickets include

Motorcycle poker run ending at the Carseland Blue Saloon / Burn Out Pit / All Weekend Camping / Free Breakfast / Saturday Dinner / Live entertainment / Kids Day / Silent Auction and so much more!

Come out and enjoy the fun!

Ride Dogs Ride
Calgary Humane Society Fundraiser