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New Resturant In Strathmore, Alberta

Wow!  That is the response I had after trying out a new restaurant in Strathmore.

Red Koi – Right beside the (CIBC and behind CO-OP) Cantonese & Szechuan Cuisine   403.934.9338

I loved it!  The friendly greeting, the cool soft theme inspired music and the really neat looking picture hanging on the north wall, it was all great.

Menu was immense with full Chinese and authentic Vietnamese dishes.  All your regular drinks, wine, coffee, beer and more.  But the specialty drinks got me really excited!  Bubble tea blended or non, Saki & Vietnamese Lemonade!  I picked the blended bubble tea made from Jack-fruit…I have no idea what jack fruit is, I could look it up but I didn’t, all I know is that it’s very good, a bit like Mango but not so hardy.

Jack-Fruit Bubble Tea, Red Koi - Strathmore, Alberta

We ordered Shrimp Salad rolls for our appetizer which comes nicely presented with one of my favorite spicy peanut dips. With out asking the server she brought my daughter a separate (less spicy) one which was nice since I had forgotten.

Not everyone has a liking for the flat rice noodle these neat little salad rolls are wrapped in, neither did I at first but now I often crave the hidden flavor in it?


Shrimp Salad Rolls - Red Koi

Next our server brought out the vermicelli or (Vietnamese Salad), it was AWESOME!  This was my first time trying a Vietnamese salad and I was literally in heaven! IT is a layer of rice noodles, ice burg lettuce, shredded carrots, green onion and MINI Spring Rolls?!  Wow!  You can also choose to add a meat so we picked BBQ pork.

Now this is no salad for ranch But the dressing you are provided has the absolute best sweet chili flavor I have ever had!  The chef is a real pro and everything is made with perfection.  I am now addicted to this complex taste and simple ingredient combo, totally Addicted!


Last was our huge Beef Ball Soup with a side plate filled with fresh basil and bean sprouts for soup toppers.

Beef Ball Bowl

I love how different each individual bite can be depending on what herbs I incorporate into my spoonful.  I did try to use chopsticks to be cool but I made a huge mess and did not look so cool, my daughter had a good laugh so it was alright.  🙂

One note to mention, I brought this soup home and when the server wrapped it up for me she actually strained the fluid out to keep my noodles from getting soggy.  My mistake when I got home was I threw a bit of soy in the soup just for fun and it completely ruined the flavor? That is why I am the customer and not the chef 😀

Great Place!  I hope anyone else that tries it out has a great experience as well 🙂


This was not a paid review, a friend asked me to check it out and I just had to share :).  Thanks my friend 😉 Paid reviews are private between Choice Environment and the reviewed establishment.