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Carseland Dog Attack

At 9:50 am Sunday in Carseland, Alberta 3 dogs attacked an Aggie Days volunteer while he was walking through the Carseland School Field.  Injuries were minimal as the man fought back well using a box cutter.

He seen 2 people ( a male and female) he presumed were walking the dog dressed in full black.  When he called to the potential owners yelling “If you don’t call your dogs off I am going to kill them” Both people turned around and walked away not saying anything.

The victim returned home to assess his injuries and get help to round up the dogs, he was extremely worried about all the children playing at the Ball Diamond Park.  Within moments he spotted one dog in the owner’s yard and approached the owner asking if he had heard or seen anything.  The owner denied any knowledge and said he would keep an eye out for loose dogs. 

The second dog then came outside and the victim instantly identified the 3 dogs who were followed by a woman wearing all black.

RCMP arrived around 1:30 for a statement and was able to get in contact with a witness to the attack along with the owner of the 3 dogs.

It was later revealed that this was the 3rd reported incident and one attack is still to be reported.  I spoke with 2 parents at the school that described having an extreme fear of the dogs, many have changed their walking route to prevent potential issues.

The owner has received a 300$ fine.

If you witnessed the attack or have information please contact the Strathmore RCMP at 403.934.3535


Concerned resident