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Harlan’s Factory Sales Event

Harlan’s held their annual Factory Sales Event Saturday March 12th and it was AWESOME!

Big Thanks to Marilyn & Dale from Dice Ladys Deals for sending us down to check out all the new products & flavors.  This was definitely a unique & tasty experience!

Each year Harlan’s put on this sales event for vendors to come and try out any of the new products or flavors’, It’s the perfect opportunity to see their equipment in action and have experienced sales reps show you how to use them.

We were welcomed with a very friendly smile and all received name tags.  At first glance of the spotless white room I felt like I was stepping into a concession buffet dream.

First I tried the “Twist” , a combination slush puppie and ice cream.  Harlan’s picked the perfect combination too, Strawberry Slush with Vanilla Soft Serve and anyone who tried it continued to go back for more.  The machine also can combine any flavor of Shulsh with any flavor of Soft Serve, I hope to find a local vendor that offers Chocolate Soft Serve with Cherry Slush! That would be yummy!

Next was the self-serve waffle station, similar to what you may see at a Hotel like the Travelodge Strathmore.  It’s a very easy to use machine and lets guests prepare, cook and dress a huge Waffle too big for one person.

Some of the new “Stuff” was the Twist and some new Slush Puppie flavors were “Yummy Beary” & “DRAGON FRUIT”.  My daughter loved the Yummy Beary but my favorite was definitely the Dragon Fruit because it was sweet yet very thirst quenching!  I can’t wait to find a vendor that sells Dragon Fruit.

If you are a concession foods vendor Harlans’ has a complete set up ready for anyone to come and check out.  The staff is great at explaining profit margins, how to use the machines and which products sell better than others, they take a lot of care in helping your business succeed and can be an encyclopedia of information for starting your concession food business.

Big Thank to Harlan’s for the awesome experience! ( and the Free Chicken Wings )

Jennifer Wiebe

Choice EnvironmentHarlan's Factory Sales Event
Harlan's Factory Sales EventHarlan's Factory Sales EventHarlan's Factory Sales Event

Harlan's Factory Sales Event

Harlan's Factory Sales Event

Harlan's Factory Sales Event Harlan's Factory Sales Event Harlan's Factory Sales Event Harlan's Factory Sales Event Harlan's Factory Sales Event