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Power Goes Out In Carseland

It was a long afternoon for some County workers trying to clear snow in Carseland.

Carseland Power Outage 2

Around 2:30 pm there was an unconfirmed incident between snow removal equipment and our main street power lines.

All town facilities and residential homes were effected, School children described seeing flames or sparks under the vehicle which caused fears of someone being hurt.  Teachers and Carseland School staff as always, kept the children calm and reassured there was no danger and directed kids to avoid the 4 way stop entrance one block away.

Carseland School executive secretary called the Fortis emergency line immediately and found it difficult to get through to a representative.

“It took a really long time to get through all the options, once through they were very helpful and concerned”  403.310 ( Wire) or 9473 is an emergency line Fortis designed to communicate and receive information on urgencies and outages.

The Outage impacted more then town residents,  Global Training Centre was also affected and made a decision to leave the premise until power could be restored.  Land owners south of Carseland were also effected along highway #24.

Carseland Power Outage

Carseland Fire Department, Wheatland County Officials and Fortis Representatives all gathered briefly before quickly working to restore power, some areas in Carseland received power with in the hour. 

Always be aware of power line safety and avoid any contact.                      Don’t Be Curious!

Today there is still some homes with out a land line but power has been restored.

Big Thank You to our County, Fire Department and Fortis for working quickly to get us all back up and running.  Great Job!

Jennifer Wiebe

Choice Environment.com

Carseland Power Outage 3