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Ride Dogs Ride shows them all how to Git’R Done!

It was a triumphant victory for Guido’s loving wife, his family and all his friends as they presented the Calgary Humane Society Friday September 5th with their donation of $25 000! Obtained from the Ride Dogs Ride Charity Poker Run.

Ride Dogs Ride donates $25 000 to the Calgary Humane Society

 Last year, alongside “Guido” the team raised $9500 but after tragically loosing founder, father and friend Glen Garland this June, no one expected the team to double the number let alone exceed it!

Guido left behind some big shoes to fill and the team took on all responsibilities with pride.  When asked

“Why do you think this year’s event was so successful?”  one response was

“Because Glen was such a great man, he made huge impact everywhere he went & everyone adored him.”

But as a person who has been following this story and team, I do agree this event is successful because of all the happiness Guido brought to this world. Yet, I also believe that his greatness can be seen inside all his family & friends which has made it possible to keep this dream and vision alive.

I feel I can honestly speak for local Carselander’s when I say,

Ride Dogs Ride, you have inspired us all to be “Garland Strong”

Jennifer Wiebe