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Lions Club Day in Carseland Rocks Out a Full Day of Fun

Club Members and Volunteers went hard all day bringing fun entertainment and features to the town wide celebration Aggie Days.

After weeks and months of preparing for their Annual BBQ the day came!  The Lions Club BBQ is an acclaimed event in Carseland year after year, starting with the Show & Shine. Weather put a damper on the number of entries but there were still a nice set of beauties out on display for Aggie Days attendees.

Next Club volunteers opened the beer gardens for guests to enjoy a cold one while they waited for the Tractor Pull to start.  You can always count on good conversation in the Lions Club Tent and it was sure nice to step out of the rain.  Thanks Lions Club Volunteers for the good times!

Going steady all day, Lions Club Members then began the Antique Tractor Pull Saturday at 1 pm.  There was a massive line up of power waiting to show off their skills and contestants pulled in the crowd’s attention.

Councillor Don Vandervelde MC’d with his usual entertaining antics for the crowd while contestants battled the rain, mud and weight!

Antique Tractor Pull Results;

Class 6-1st Shari G. ( 196-9 )

Class 5-1st Colin W. ( 344-9 )        2nd Randy B. ( 246-6 )

Class 4-1st Ryan C. ( 331-7 )          2nd Robyn J. ( 324-3 )       3rd Randy B. ( 317-8 )

Class 3-1st Randy B. ( 258-2 )        2nd Dave C. ( 244-6 )        3rd Darcy E. ( 186-6 )

Class 2-1st Smokey ( 237-1 )          2nd Ryan C. ( 185-8 )        3rd Dave C. ( 171-10 )

Class 1-1st Randy B. ( 214-6 )

Once the Tractor pull finished up, Club Members dove right into preparing and cooking for the main event, The Club BBQ!  Even the weather became happy with the smell of the amazing roasts cooking in the outdoor kitchen and shone sun down on all the beer garden guests waiting to eat.

One of the Club members came out to the gardens with enticing samples which easily sucked in a few out of town guests that did not plan on staying yet could not resist.

Baked Potatoes, Salad, delectable roast, everyone raved about the awesome dinner prepared and club members were able to sell over 200 plates this year! Way To Go!  This annual fundraiser allows the Lion’s Club to continue their year round community services which is ongoing month after month.

Thank you guests for attending and supporting our Local Lions Club as they support our community faithfully year after year.

10 prizes of $100 were awarded and 1 prize of $1000 was awarded to one very surprised guests Kevin, whom is our new pasture! What a better way to begin his Carseland adventure than to win the Lions Club Main prize! Congratulations Kevin and welcome to the family!

This year after the Club dinner everyone enjoyed a warm bonfire and great after dinner conversation, even a few people from surrounding town parties stopped in for fire and drinks. Piles of wood were brought in and the bonfire went strong until around 11pm before every one went home.

Thanks for all your hard work volunteers and lions club members, it was a fantastic time and can’t wait to see you all again next year!

Jennifer Wiebe