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New Website Launching

Choice Environment will be launching a new website in July 2013.


Local young artists will be able to post and sell their artwork on this website to raise money for any local groups they are a part of.

Currently we are looking for 3 artists that would like to be featured in the launch campaign.  Artwork must be 100% owned by artist and you must have permission from your parents to participate if under the age of 15.

Once approved users will be able to post their artwork for sale and information about which group the money is donated to.  A personalized screen name will be provided and never will any personal information be exposed all though any sharing through Facebook is the artists choice.

Transaction fees such as Paypal will be set with in the price of artwork to be paid by the buyer and the artists will not be charged any fees.

Kids Artwork.ca Mission Statement

  • Encourage Artistic Expression
  • Educate Aspiring Artists
  • Offer A Unique Fundraising Environment
  • Offer A Safe Environment For Young Artists
  • Showcase The Importance Of Youth Groups

Contact us for any further details, we will be posting new information as we grow closer to our launch date.

  • Groups can email us their information which will be published and listed on the website.
  • Artists can email us with their interest before we set up an account.  ( permission slips will be required if under the age of 15)
  • Business’s and sponsors are always welcome. We will hold quarterly prizes for artists that have raised the most money as well as a randomly selected winners.  If you are a local business and would like to sponsor this in anyway contact us for details. ( This website is completely funded by Choice Environment and does not require any donations, all sponsorships are given to the artists and their group only)

We believe this will be fun for everyone!  Let us know if you have any ideas for how the website should look, feel or act.  A great website starts with great viewers and opinions are always greatly appreciated.

Jennifer Wiebe

Founding Director

Choice Environment.com