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Thank You Aggie Days Coordinators / Volunteers & Sponsors!

The AGGIE DAYS weekend is fast approaching!
If you have questions, comments or need information you can message the facebook page, or email info@aggiedays.ca
This entire event is pulled together by multiple coordinators, each feature you attend during the event is provided by a Coordinator that works year round. My job as lead coordinator is minimal compared to the time and effort put in by these teams and leaders, I wouldn’t have an event to brag about with out them!
Big Thank You To All Of You!
Darcy Lord & David for coordinating and implementing the Baseball Tournament!
Crissy McEwing for her commitment to gathering vendors and creating the Trade Show / Market
The Carseland Lions Club and all Members! – They take on an entire day bringing in the Antique Tractor Pull ( which is no easy task ) Lions offer Beer Gardens / Throw in a money pit for the kids / Implement a fantastic Show & Shine & Finish it all off with a BBQ that has been know to everyone for years! They really take on a lot of the features and work very hard to bring us a full day of fun!
The PB Club & Local Fire Department organize and serve Breakfasts.
The Carseland Library for helping to sell BBQ Tickets, 50/50 tickets and be an information station for guests and travelers!
NEW GROUP! The Carseland School has joined in this year offering to be our Parade Judges.
Bow River Alliance Church organizes the Sunday “Cowboy Church Feature”
NEW GROUP! The Soldiers of Odin have offered up a team of volunteers which made a huge impact for not only coordinators but volunteers that every year put in over 20 hours for this weekend.
NEW FEATURE! Colleen Ballard of The Funny Farm jumped to the challenge of adding our new Tug O’ War Competition which has brought some new excitement into the mix!
And of course – The Ag Board & Community Association Team! Big Thank You to everyone on the board for helping me and the coordinators make this happen,
Thank You Bev for handling all the paperwork / stocking the supplies needed and doing many of the behind the scene jobs that most of us don’t see.
Thank you also to my enthusiastic Co-Lead Coordinator RITA KRUGER! You are a solid center piece to this amazing puzzle we call Aggie Days. When we get stressed, lost, and feel we can’t succeed there you are willing to take the lead. 
Thank you VOLUNTEERS – Aggie Days can not operate with out volunteers and a volunteer can be seen in every corner of the event, helping with so many things – I feel especially bad for the onion cutters…..that is one heck of a job every year!
Thank you to our SPONSORS as well! As we are all Non-Profit Groups Putting together a costly event, Sponsors Make the world of difference in what we can offer Guests!