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Aggie Days 2016 Build Friendships To Last A Life Time!

We have a very special new addition to the Aggie Days Family – Soldiers Of Odin!

Community Members, Team leaders, Coordinators and Guests all had nothing but positive things to say about our new friends added to the many organizations involved in Aggie Days.

“It was a blessing having them here!” / “What a great group, so friendly, easy to talk to and I hope they are coming back next year!”

Soldiers Of Odin was such a hit with the guests & leaders, so rest assured I have spoken with the team and they are set to return again next year!

SOA,Soldiers Of ODin,

Soldiers Of Odin is an organization built on a Foundation of “Community, Integrity & Brotherhood”.  They work with multiple communities all over the Province bringing their smiles and common goals where ever needed. SOO brings the old school community spirit back to life and members radiate with genuine honor & pride.

SOO volunteered for our entire Ball Diamond security which is a huge burden to our local volunteers that already work tirelessly over the weekend in multiple areas.  Having the SOO team relieved massive amounts of stress and for the first time in years many of my team coordinators and leaders actually had time to enjoy the fruit of their year long labor creating their portion to the town wide event.  Aside from general Security, SOO members helped out everywhere else by lifting buckets of dirt, garbage’s and cleaning….it was a blessing!

Members made a huge  impact on our event but also displayed the perfect illustration of highest stature for our youth and young children. Because of the effect SOO has had on our community we have all become loyal friends and plan on continuing to support SOO as they have so generously supported our community.

There has been a multitude of offers from SOO members to assist our volunteers in many of the small projects in town that community members would love to see completed, So when you see a member in town helping, know that our Guardian Angels are here!  Thank You So Much Soldiers Of Odin, from us all!

If anyone wants to purchase shirts or hoodies click here and help support this amazing team as they have supported us. 🙂

Jennifer Wiebe