Chili Cook Off Was Full of Surprises

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The annual Chili cook off at Bow River Alliance Church is meant to be an open house to showcase the many services and programs offered.  You can check out their website to view all the different groups and fun stuff they have going on.

Great service Andy Wiebe, I really enjoyed the message and the fun Chili Trivia.  Watch out for the Smarties! 🙂

Walking into the Youth Centre and seeing wall to wall Chili got me really excited.  There was every type of Chili you could imagine, yes even Desert Chili! 

Some contestant’s added extras like shredded cheese, taco chips and kettle chips, breadsticks and one Chili gave me a pleasant surprise when I found a really tasty garlic crouton at the bottom of my cup.

I was really impressed with Nathan and his very first Chili entry, Great job Nathan!

The Turkey Chili was so good, same with the unique “Don’t be a Chicken Chili”, but ultimately “Cowboy Chili” won my vote.

“Sunday Chili” placed 1st and won a $100 gift card for Aspen Crossing in Mossliegh.

“Hillbilly Chili” placed 2nd

3 Chili’s won 3rd  place winning “The Big Chocolate Bar”

They were all willing to share after organizers did some “negotiating” with the chocolate bar in the back room. “Cowboy Chili”, “Blazing Saddles” and another Chili called “Just Chili, Shut Up & Eat It”

What a great way to spend the morning with family & friends, we had a blast!

Thanks Bow River Alliance Church.

 Jennifer Wiebe





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  1. Awesome blog! Yes it was a great day 18 chili’s in all! I think there was salad too, but hardly anyone had room after all the chili tasting.

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