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A Volunteer Friend In Need, Can you help us achieve our goal?

Despite & through all the challenges, my friend and business associate has displayed only a smile when helping those around him.

Thank you David for always supporting Choice Environment and Carseland community events hosted by our Local Non-Profits.
David & his circle of truly inspirational people have been offering help to those in need for years.  It’s a life of giving, not always receiving the equal.
Anytime I have asked for urgent help to meet volunteer quota’s for a community non-profit event, they band together and show up.  Not really “Just show up”  because David would always handle the coordination and everyone just knew exactly what to do.
“You have other things to deal with right now, We got this.” He would say.
David’s Circle is filled with leaders and David is a true leader himself.  His integrity and sense of “community responsibility” says it all.
In the last two years pain has been taking its toll on David, but there is some hope through Technology, which is amazing but a huge cost.  David is a candidate for a possible surgery that  would remove the pain & change the course of his quality of life.
David & his large circle are hoping that a GoFund me page will allow him this surgery opportunity.
Living pain free would allow David to get back to do the things he loves.  Spending time with his close family, that’s really it,  I believe if any of us experienced these same hurdles we would all agree. Quality Time is worth more than anything.
After quality time with Jenn & his inner family, David truly enjoy’s helping others.   When friends open a business he jumps at the chance to understand your business and promote it for you.
Misty’s Haircuts for the Homeless was something David truly believed in, his group of friends would try to volunteer & help in anyway.  Sometimes even bringing socks for people.
We all miss our leader and want to help get him back up to the front line.
10 %  of Custom Apparel profits will be going to my friends,  GoFund Me Page.

10 %  of Custom Apparel profits will be going to my friends,  GoFund Me Page.

Thank you for Reading and please if you can Donate, if you can not afford to donate please share Davids story and help us see a pain free future for our dear friend.

Jennifer Wiebe